Saturday, 15 May 2010

Now Ear This

As Charles Clarke lost his seat in the 2010 election, I thought I'd offer a last "tribute" to him.

Now Ear This
Charles Clarke was a man of advancing years
Also with each decade, longer grew his ears
When he was student, they were hidden well
Beneath his hair, scraggly shoulder length it fell
But then he became a serious politician, haircut
Revealed these monstrous appendages, the butt
Of much wicked comment amongst his cronies
Not forgetting the passing smirk from Tony’s
An education secretary, pulled down standards
Lest maths measure the ears growing onwards
Then to the home office, up the greasy pole
Promotion, in charge of all police who patrol
Mr Plod must now answer to Big Ears, they say
But not in hearing distance, there they portray
Mr Clarke as unflappable, a serious politician
With those ears? And their enlarging span?
You might say. I couldn’t possibly comment
About his advancing ears, and their extent.

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