Monday, 12 March 2018

Elections 2018: Update on Candidates

Standing for Election: The Story So Far

There will certainly be Senatorial contests, and if all the existing Senators (apart from Paul Routier, who is standing down) stand, there will be casualties.

With regard to Deputies, and an exception in Trinity, most of the contested elections will come from Parishes with larger populations - St Helier, St Saviour, , St Brelade, St Clement. It is much harder to take on sitting Deputies in a smaller Parish.

There is now one contested Constable election in St Mary, and one in St Brelade, with the remaining 10 having only one candidate. I would think St Lawrence would be vulnerable over the handling of the church dispute, and I hear that St Saviour might face a contest.

Uncontested Constables: so far, 10
Uncontested Deputies: so far, 2 1/2 Parishes out of 12, 3 Deputies Seats.

Senators (8) - almost certainly contested

1 Senator Ian Gorst
2 .Senator Lyndon Farnham
3 Senator Sarah Ferguson, unless standing for Constable of St Brelade

Sam Mezec, Deputy (Reform)
Steve Pallett, Constable
Kristina Moore, Deputy
Tracy Valois, Deputy
John Le Fondre, Deputy
Antony Lewis
Frank Luce
Stevie Ocean
Moz Scott
Simon Bree, Deputy
Gino Risoli
Philip Maguire

Senators Leaving
Senator Philip Ozouf, not standing
Senator Paul Routier, not standing
Senator Alan Maclean, not standing
Senator Philip Bailhache, not standing
Senator Andrew Green, not standing

Proposers for each Senator are listed here:

Constables - so far one contested elections 

St Helier Simon Crowcroft - elected unopposed
St John Constable Chris Taylor - elected unopposed
St Saviour Constable Sadie Rennard - elected unopposed
St Clement Constable Len Norman - elected unopposed
Grouville Constable John Le Maistre - elected unopposed
St Lawrence Deidre Mezbourian - elected unopposed
Trinity - Philip Le Sueur - elected unopposed

St Mary - Contested
Constable Juliette Gallichan
John Le Bailly 

St Brelade - Constested
Mike Jackson
Marilyn Carre

Not Standing:
St Martin Michel Le Troquer


Richard Vibert - St Peter
Richard Buchanan - St Ouen - elected unopposed
Karen Stone - St Martin - elected unopposed

Deputies – Number of Seats in Brackets

Grouville: (1) - currently uncontested
Deputy Carolyn Labey - elected unopposed

St Brelade 1 (1) - not contested
Former Deputy John Young  - elected unopposed
Deputy Murray Norton (not standing)

St Brelade 2 (2) - contested
Deputy Graham Truscott
Deputy Montfort Tadier (Reform)
Tony Pike
Garel Tucker (Reform)

St Clement (2) -contested
Deputy Susie Pinel
Phil Renouf
Lindsay Ash
Samantha Morrison (Reform)
Cloe Freeman (Reform)

St Helier District 1 (3)  - contested
Deputy Judy Martin
Deputy Russell Labey
Deputy Scott Wickenden
Kelly Langdon (Reform)
John McNichol (Reform)
Yann Mash (Reform)
Nick Le Cornu
Jason Lagadu
St Helier District 2 (3) - contested
Deputy Geoff Southern (Reform)
Rob Ward (Reform)
Carina Alves (Reform)
Bernie Manning
Geraint Jennings
Linda Dodds
Barry Shelton 
Deputy Rod Bryans (not standing)

St Helier District 3/4 (4) - contested
Deputy Richard Rondel
Deputy Mike Higgins (undeclared)
Jacqui Carrel
Mary Ayling-Phillip (Reform)
Ann Southern (Reform)
Julian Rogers (Reform)
Inna Gardiner
Mary Le Hegarat
Guy de Faye (rumoured)
Deputy Jackie Hilton (Standing Down)
Deputy Andrew Lewis (not standing)

St John (1) -  contested
Trevor Pointon
Nigel Philpott

St Lawrence (2) - contested
Kirsten Morel
Gregory Guido
Sarah Westwater (Reform)

St Martin (1)- currently uncontested
Steve Luce  - elected unopposed

St Mary (1)- contested
Deputy David Johnson
Mark Baker

St Ouen (1)- contested
Deputy Richard Renouf
Clifford Le Clercq

St Peter (1)- - contested
Rowland Huelin (JAG candidate?)
Sean Creavey

St Saviour District 1 (2) - contested
Deputy Jeremy Maçon
Kevin Pamplin
Fiona O Sullivan (Reform)
Isabella Lewis
Deputy Peter McLinton (not standing)

St Saviour District 2 (2)- contested
Deputy Kevin Lewis
Deputy Louise Doublet
Jaime Boylan  (Reform)

St Saviour District 3 (1) - Contested
Jess Perchard
Mary Burgher
Andrew Le Quesne
Tom Coles (Reform)

Trinity (1)- currently contested
Hugh Raymond
David Richardson
Deputy Anne Pryke (standing down)

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Mark Forskitt said...

Interesting that the three uncontested deputy elections are for those with strong record on environment and planning - John Young, Carolyn Labey and Steve Luce.