Saturday, 6 November 2010

Remember, Remember

Bonfire night. Once around this time, the Celtic cross-quarter day, the Irish chiefs and tribes gathered, lit fires, feasted. Later, it was a hate-fest, rather like the flag-burning by Muslims we see today, but today, it's just an excuse for a festival again....

Remember, Remember
Remember, remember, the Samhain fire
Where Irish chieftains meet for the feast
The tribal gathering, a time to inspire
And drink well, and eat the fatted beast
Remember, remember, the fifth November
Guy Fawkes ready, and a gunpowder plot
And bonfire blazing, until the dying ember
Where a guy was burning upon that spot
Remember, remember, as children look
Eager gaze upward, as fireworks blaze
This is not of hate, of the history book
But of simple wonder as rockets amaze
Now Bonfire night is come again this year
Drink deep the cider, be of good cheer

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