Saturday, 25 May 2013

Other Visions

A visit to Grouville church prompted this poem. A most peculiar version of the Annunciation, almost like some Victorian pagan rite. A figure of Christ holding a Bible (not a scroll), looking very angry, facing the viewer. A strange carving perhaps from the time of the black death. I had never really noticed how odd some of these features were.

Other Visions
Who is the lady, whom inspiration sow?
Annunciation of Mary, strangest pose
A Pre-Raphaelite stained glass window
Ethereal, dressed in flowing red clothes

And the music plays, echoing in the nave
And I see the Angry Christ, fierce in glare
Another strange stained glass: come to save?
Clutching his bible, seems to say beware!

In an enclave old stone carving, crudest face
Gazing across the centuries, in despair moans
Why is it there? This church a curious place
So many odd features, so many unknowns

I know the history here, and I came back this way
Seeing the church anew, strangeness in display

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