Monday, 2 March 2015

Top Posts for the Month of January 2015

By far the most popular were the transcription I did of the 1971-1972 Pilot Magazine on Street Names of St Helier. Within one week, part 2 had 817 hits!

And part 1 picked up 588 hits.

More will be coming next week and the week after, so keep watching the blog. It makes all those lunch times burrowing in the library for nuggets worthwhile.

The Question Time event report also got 278 hits for part 1, and 185 for part 2. It is, if I may sound my own trumpet, the most comprehensive report on the event. Media reports were focussed largely on just one item, but this took in the lot, done from the scribblings in my trusty notepad.

Amazingly, from 2012, the second part of my posting on Jimmy Saville still continues to attract readers with 278 hits in January

Sifting Saville - Part 2

Remembering Bob Bisson and his Bible Text covered house, and some other Jersey eccentrics came in with 182 hits.

And a look at how tourism misleads by not giving bed night statistics, but purely arrivals is here with 159 hits. If Guernsey’s more comprehensive survey is anything to go by, at least 45% of the arrivals are locals returning not visitors.

Lies, Dammed Lies, and Tourism Statistics

Ian Gort made a speech to the Chamber of Commerce. My comment is here with 155 hits:
The Challenge

And from a year ago, 149 hits on the political cliché of “testicular fortitude”, my analyisis of the term, and how it has an implicit sexist attitude. It seems to have vanished from Jersey politics in the meantime.

Political Clichés: Testicular Fortitude

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