Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cheap Flights for Philip Ozouf?


16 January 2008: Minister to lead fact-finding visit to India

A Jersey delegation is heading to India next month to strengthen relationships with existing Jersey-based business from the sub continent. The Minister for Economic Development, Senator Philip Ozouf, has accepted an official invitation from the President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce to visit Mumbai. The invitation was extended during a visit to Jersey last year by Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman of Bharti Telecommunications and current President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce who was in the Island to officially launch Jersey Airtel.


Travel, Entertainment, Total - expenses for 2008
Economic Development Minister - Senator Philip Ozouf - £206.00 - £0.00 - £206.00

My word! I never knew it cost so little to pop out to India! Or is it "creative accounting"? Or is there a restaurant locally called "Little India" and that's where they went?

Later in 2008, there was an Indian evening in Jersey at which he was also present.


This has quite an amusing comment by the writer, Cator Sparks, a visitor to Jersey from New York. This is how off-islanders see us!

During dessert PHJ finally introduced me to Philip Ozouf, a senator from the island he has wanted me to meet for ages. He is quite fun and openly gay in politics. Hoping to work with him on an article about Jersey for a certain travel magazine since he is also head of tourism. Fancy that!He took Jonathan, Luke and I on a club crawl that was fun in theory but everywhere we went was just rotten.It didn’t hurt that we were in Indian drag and everyone thought we were the entertainment.

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