Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Desert Call

The Desert Call
I walk the desert sand by nights
Bleak, so desolate and wild
Watching where the scorpion fights
Existence here is Darwin's child
The sun so scorching all the day;
An empty desert, filled with dread
A spectre haunts the sand-strewn way
Life hanging on by slimmest thread
The refugees their sorrow share
Fleeing from the war zone's bane
Crying with unceasing prayer,
Children hungry and in pain
Where is hope in such distress?
Come all nations, hear their call
Starving in the wilderness
Now do not overlook this all
A portion gifted at the shrine
Such gladness ours shall be
Brothers and sisters, face divine
Calling us over land and sea
See, O see now, costing dear
The poverty that cannot hide
That we may bring some little cheer
And pray with eyes so opened wide

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