Saturday, 13 February 2010

Valentine Memories

Valentine Memories
A Valentine, along the Canterbury trails,
Where Chaucer's courtly love prevails;
The martyr forgotten, and in his place,
Comes a maiden, finely dressed in lace;
And there are so many romantic fictions,
Predicated by emotions, not convictions;
Yet behind all the cynicism, all the cards,
All the commercial toys to show regards,
There is an inner heart, a different view:
And we knew this joy, where I loved you;
The rose, both a sign and a scent so sweet,
Of life together, of how we would meet,
And I still recall your smile, your embrace;
Then to the Bistro Soleil, our favourite place,
To enjoy best of food, shared lover's plate,
And forget, for a little time, impending fate;
That tragic day, the phone call broke my heart,
And my world shattered, broke apart;
And you were gone, I wept, a last amen:
I held you in my arms, kissed, once again;
My lovely Valentine, taken from my sight,
Until I come to join you in that darkest night.

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Anonymous said...

I do not know you but I feel your pain.

A beautiful poem with thoughts from the heart.