Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ancestral Memory

Ancestral Memory
When I see the stone, so full of moss
By which an ancient peoples died
Of ancient wisdom, count such loss
For here their mysteries still abide
Across the dunes, the primal coast
So worn away by winds and flood
A legacy in stone to charm me most
The past so present in my blood
I see stone age farmers, fresh cut wheat
The village huts, long before a town
Learn to work metal, by charcoal heat
And make a golden torque, a crown
The mind within the temporal lobe
Gives inner vision that can see
Turns back time across the globe
And all the globe is live to me.
Were the whole realm of past times mine
The mind now breaking down the wall
I'll see the patterns, such design
Visions delight, and so enthrall

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