Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Rain

The rain is pouring down, in sheets,
That does not daunt us, no defeats;
For today is our glorious Easter day;
Up very early, before dawn, to say,
With such joy to greet the Risen one,
He is risen indeed, the brightest son;
The gardener would see in the rain,
Creation sings aloud its own refrain;
The waves breaking upon the shore,
Heard so clearly through open door;
And now in quiet, the birds singing,
Dawn chorus joining in rejoicing,
Within, holy water shaken on us;
Rain comes down outside, a plus,
For living streams of water flow,
Bringing new hope, life bestow;
In Spirit of life, of joy, we leave,
The rain calls on us to believe,
Renewed baptism, nature says,
Rejoice, this is the day of days.

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