Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Mystery Candidate

Can you guess which possible candidate candidate in the Senatorial bi-election:

1) Attended a signing ceremony (and no doubt meal, and overnight stay) for a Protocol Agreement between Jersey and the Department de la Manche in Paris - after he had lost his seat in the Senatorial Elections. One of the "Yes Minister" small "pared to the bone" contingent that went.

2) Went to the Commonwealth Games in Australia and apparently justified the trip on the grounds that it tied in with looking into the feasibility on sending Jersey students to study in Australia and New Zealand because the course fees were cheaper than the UK - but not the £2,000 per annum air travel costs.

3) Spoke up for free parking for the States.

4) Spoke up for longer lunch hours between States sittings

5) Tried to suppress the complete version of the Kathy Bull report being given to the JEP. No doubt "edited" highlights would have been released later.

6) Managed to get extra funding for free places in States nurseries for parents during the summer just before the election. And virtually led to the demise of private nursery care, which couldn't compete any longer, and was providing a service at much less cost to the tax payer.

7) Told me that if fireworks let off at random (in November) were extremely distressing to my autistic son, then I should ring the Constable or the Deputies because he was now a Senator. And there I was thinking that Senators had an Island wide mandate!

And no, I won't be voting for him.


voiceforchildren said...


The said (possible) candidate has been electioneering on the phone in on BBC Radio Jersey, because he wants to make some important points, after the PAC have made an arse of him.

Strange he's never gone on in recent times in the wake of the Serious Case Review that was heavily critical of his former department, or the Report from the Howard League for Penal Reform, which was equally critical of his former department. Strange there is a by-election round the corner and up he pops!

Something tells me he hasn't got the courage to stand against Stuart Syvret, but will stand if Stuart doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Pray no - not the ginger bearded monster!

Some say he has been directly involved in the protection of child abusers, others just say the man is a pompous arse. Either way if the ginger monster steps back out into the daylight there will be many who are willing to pelt the swine with rotten eggs!

TonyTheProf said...

I do not think there is any evidence at all linking this mystery candiate to child abuse at all; regarding what "others say", that is a matter of opinion, but he certainly came across as very arrogant towards the general public when he was in office.