Saturday, 3 July 2010

Memories of Summer Past

The first of July would have been mine and Annie's fifth anniversary of meeting; we always celebrated it every year. This year, I have written this reflective poem which I hope evokes the countryside she so loved.

Memories of Summer Past
I miss you so, so dearly want
So hard when you did die
And now unseen. Your spirit free
And ashes gently lie
My memories yet restore again
And walking down the lake
Within the paths we did progress
And where my heart does ache
And when I walk through shady vale
Walk up the country hill
Along such paths that we have trod
Such memory have I still
Those were the days, of you and me
My sweetest love, my rose
Time came once still as vantage point
Then gently onward flows
Good outweighs the pain and strife
Ashes rest beneath your tree
And I shall love you evermore
As joys past come to me


Ian Evans said...

Memories are sometimes all we have left Tony, but we have them, and they are enough mate....

"Love cannot know the measure of its depth - until the hour of parting."

"Is not painting the joyful reaching out of a man so filled with beauty that there is not room enough in him to contain it ?"

"To know love, be like the running brook, which deaf, yet sings its melody for others to hear. Feel the pain of to much tenderness. Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving...Empty yourself, and yet be filled. This is how to know love."

"Be not afraid of death, only the unlived life."

You might find something here that you appreciate, my thoughts are with you.

Ian Evans said...

"The first of July would have been mine and Annie's fifth anniversary of meeting;"

It was Tony, and still is, and always will be....

Ian Evans said...

"A man feels grief. One who does not, fails in his capacity to be a man."