Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Stars, our Destiny

Praise for the planets, counted seven
Spirits of the planets sing
Rejoice in the deepest heavens given
Comets into darkness fling
Sun and fire, night inspire
Listen to the spheres now ring

Praise for the night for us to savour
Quasar pulses now address
Rejoice in darkness ending never
Star dust living, here to bless
Sun and fire, night inspire
Glorious moonbeams now caress

Twinkling star lights come to us
Like crystals from eternal snows
Many thousand years from us
Passing round the sun it slows
Sun and fire, night inspire
Red shifted, the light stream flows

Frail yet born of stars we flourish,
Blows the wind and we are gone;
But while to the dust we perish
Time, ever rolling, flows along
Sun and fire, night inspire
Until the universe is done

Rejoice, and sing, adore in hymn
Starlight's glory face to face
Not randomness, nor seeming whim
To those who dwell in time and space.
Sun and fire, night inspire
Rejoice in cosmos full of grace.

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