Saturday, 11 September 2010


This is based on C.S. Lewis - "Out of the Silent Planet":

I dreamed last night of Meldilorn,
Such buried memories, so forlorn,
In which I crossed the naked skies,
The air so thin where no cloud lies,
The stars so bright, the earth so red;
Down great ridges, widely spread,
Below I saw the blue valley mist,
With the Sorn, my aid to assist,
My descent to Meldilorn, I make.
The beauty of the sapphire lake,
The purple forest, rising trees,
Cathedral tall, sway in the breeze.
And then in centre, there the grove,
To reach it now, I onward strove.
Pillars of stone, balance so fine,
Here was truly patterning divine,
And I moved, gentle and sedate,
Wondering at the enchanted gate,
Amidst the monoliths, the avenue.
Yet here was found no great guru,
But silence, warmth, noises cease,
And all was solitude, all at peace,
But for the presence of such light,
That flickered, silvery, so bright,
Almost unseen, then came voices,
Hardly heard, the eldila rejoices.
Between the gaps that make a place,
Oyarsa moves here, within a space,
A light and voice, here and not here,
Movements, patterns now appear,
Between points, here is the voice,
At Meldilorn, I made my choice.

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