Saturday, 9 October 2010


It's coming up to one year since Annie's death, and I wrote this in memory of her...

(in memory of Annie)
Such joy, such wonder, sweetest sound,
That every day, for me,
I wake again, alive, self found,
With gratitude, I see;
My failing heart taught me - not fear,
And seldom have I grieved;
How precious did my life appear,
And how much I perceived!
Through poor esteem, a pattern snares,
I nearly did succumb,
Yet gratitude comes when hope seems far,
And beats a different drum
My love is good, each day for me,
Although there are no cures,
I seek no more than just to be,
As long as life endures.
Yet when my beating heart shall fail,
And  light of life shall cease,
I know that to my best, I did prevail,
And gently rest in peace
What is there now that death can show?
But that joy came to shine,
Despite a breathlessness made low,
Before I drank dark wine
When I've been gone ten thousand years,
And memories are there none,
My ashes still the winds will raise,
Beneath the shining sun.

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