Friday, 24 December 2010

The Fourth Wise Man

I've been watching BBC's "The Nativity" which has the traditional three magi (or wise men). But what if there had been four, not three?

The Fourth Wise Man
I was lost, following a wandering star,
Went astray, in strange lands, very far;
And my brother Magi, who found a way,
Went to Bethlehem, arriving on that day;
While I was lost in a land of dark and mists,
Along a winding track that turns and twists;
And so I did not come upon the babe that lay,
But only the bitter cold, and harsh dismay;
And incantations failed, and did not prevail,
To find the path I sought, the sacred trail;
Young I was then, not old, and many years,
I had forgotten so much wisdom in my fear;
But as I journeyed through the land of ice,
Time took my youth, and age paid the price;
And stooped and weary, my staff in hand,
Wandered along the dust roads of the land;
Until one day, I found a sign again, above,
And sought the glories of the promised love;
Hurried forth, lest I should miss once more
The signs and wonders of our ancient lore;
And came towards the city now in sight:
Hope anew to see and hear the Lord of Light;
But as I drew near, I felt instead a sudden chill,
As I saw three shapes, three crosses on a hill.


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