Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sky beholding

With a series of programmes on TV this week on the night sky, and the feast of Epithany celebrating the journey of the Magi, as star gazers, this is a celebration of our close satellite, the moon, written to the melody of "We Three Kings"....

Sky beholding
Moon above, her craters' scar
Imperfection above behold afar
Plain and crater, pit and mountain
Shining splendour do not mar
Reflected glory, pale in night
In darker skies, so gleaming bright
In eclipsing, red as bleeding
Galileo marvelled at the sight
Apollo landing upon the plain
Golden days, never seen again
Gone forever, ceasing never
In memory, joy and pain
Gazing upwards, vision inspire
In the mist, cloaked from the eye
Moonbeams falling, spirits raising
Here the glory, shining high
Dulls the shine, in daylight resume
Yet still just seen in gathering gloom
No wind blowing, airless flying
Rock as cold as stony tomb
Now the sun, hidden from eyes
Eclipse is the Sun God's Sacrifice
Hidden so far, returning our star
From moon's belly does arise.

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