Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rain Dance

Written earlier in the week, one evening, when feeling mellow...

Rain Dance
Now falling steadily, droplets cascade down
Clouds darkening sky, and rivulets on roads
Here is a shimmering,  raindrops fall like gown
And by the hedgerow, call of breeding toads
A soil rain soaked, with streams and muddy path
A rain god's dark face, clouds in menace frown
And faster comes the rain, as if in angry wrath
As if the earth would come again to drown
Beating fast and hard, comes the lashing rain
And outside, the dancer, fleeting silhouette
Glimpsed only once, through a window pane
A spirit of the waters, exulting in the wet
Now is the rain dance, to the rain's drumbeat
Splashing in the puddles, leaping, nimble feet

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