Saturday, 16 February 2013


My poem today is about anticipation...

I'm at the airport, early, and the flight is late,
But I'm in no hurry, I'm happy to just wait;
A moment planned weeks ago, to meet again,
And remembering the love, and parting pain;
Now time to meet again, in the arrivals hall,
I feel like an actor, waiting for curtain call,
Sitting in a chair, watching the double door;
And it slides open. People from flight before
Coming in, looking around for friendly face;
There's one couple, smile, reach out, embrace;
Children laughing, run in, pause, look about,
And see their grandmother, with joy they shout;
All the while, I wait, patiently, still looking on:
Businessmen in shiny suits, rush past, are gone;
And then the stragglers, tired, pulling heavy case,
They come wearily, step by step, at slower pace;
And all are through, and no one else is there;
My heartbeat quickens, excitement feels like fear,
And here comes my lady, with a stylish hat, a smile:
All the waiting, anticipation over weeks worthwhile;
And I see you there, coming to me, with jaunty walk;
I call out, and greet you, but later is the time to talk:
Now is time to embrace, to kiss, to hold once more;
Lovers meeting again by the arrival's opening door.

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