Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 1913: 100 Years Ago

Today, a look back 100 years at events taking place in Jersey in June 1913.
A note on places:
Triangle park is the park to the side of the Grand Hotel.
The Bristol Hotel could well be "The Bristol Hotel Co Ltd" at 57 Ann Street, St Helier
The Grasshopper Hotel was at 3 Mulcaster Street where Frederick George Aplin was the Manager between 1902 and 1910.
It is interesting to see the branchage for St Helier is on the 26 June. The 1914 law would push that forward to July and make the dates much more limited in scope.
Josué Filleul Renouf was the winning candidate in the election for Deputy of St Clement. Deputies elections do not seem to have been held on the same month, and the number voting - 169 - gives some idea of the small size of the Parish. The 1901 census gives a population of 1,508, but of course there was no universal suffrage in 1913. The 2011 census gave a population of 9,221.
June 1913
June 2.
Serious accident to a farmer (Mr. Thos. Touzel, of Samares), who fell from his van in Mulcaster Street, the wheels passing over one of his legs.
June 3.
King's Birthday: Ideal weather. Military Parade at Fort Regent. Levee at Government House. Municipal Fetes in Triangle Park, afternoon and evening.
June 4.
Grand "Ship" Bazaar opened at Royal Crescent U.M. School Hall.
Nomination meeting for vacant Centeniership, terms of office of Centeniers Luxon and Amy  having expired; three candidates proposed, A. Luxon, F. Amy and H. J. Ross.
St. Mary's Parish meeting: rate fixed at 1s. 3d
June 6.
Fire at No.2, Granada Place, Oxford Road.
Closing day of " Ship " Bazaar at Royal Crescent: total for the three clays, £207 10s. 5d.
June 7
St. Luke's Cadet Co.: Departure for Guernsey for annual camp.
June 8
Wesleyan Methodist Foreign Missions: Visit of Rev. C. W. Harpur.
First United Sunday evening open-air service on People's Park: Speaker, Very Rev. the Dean.
June 10.
St. Helier's Parochial Assembly: Bristol Hotel special license recommended. Election for Centenier: Messrs. A. Luxon and T.A. J. Ross elected. Result of poll: Luxon, 771 ; Ross, 680; Amy, 586.
June 11.
Accident on Esplanade.: Cabman named Fred Bevans' leg fractured.
St. Clement's Deputyship: Nomination meeting; two candidates proposed. Messrs. G. L. Dupre and J. F. Renouf.
June 13.
Jerseyman named George Liot killed at St. Servan.
June 14.
St. Luke's Cadet Co, return from camp at Guernsey.
June 17.
Election for Deputy at St. Clement: Mr J.F. Renouf returned; result of poll: Renouf, 94; Dupre 75.
Parish Assembly at St. Oven: Rate taxed at 1.s. 2d.
June 18.
The resignation of Jurat Le Gros: His Majesty advised to grant petition; new election to be ordered.
June 19.
Inquest on Mr. George Whiteman (a visitor), who was taken ill at Havre-des-Pas the previous Sunday, and died at the Hospital on the Wednesday (18th): Verdict: "Cerebral haemorrhage, probably caused by alcoholism."
Miss Amelia Cray, of Fauvic Inn, died rather suddenly.
June 20.
Licensing :Assembly: Bristol Hotel "special" granted.
Haines Shield won in Guernsey by Victoria College Officers Training Corps.
June 21
RJA &HS (Agricultural Department) Special meeting. Decided to purchase Grasshopper Hotel for offices.
June 22.
Wesley Sunday School: 97th anniversary.
June 23.
Serious accident to a workman named W. French, of Birmingham, both legs fractured by being run  over by a loaded potato van whilst coming to town from Trinity.
Annual meeting British and Foreign Bible Society ((Jersey Auxiliary) at Prince of Wales' Rooms
June 24.
Inquest on Mr John Le Maistre of St Ouen, whose body was found that morning washed up by the tide at L'Etacq: Verdict: " Probable suicide due to depression carried through excessive drinking."
June 25
Rose and Sweat Pea Show opened at West Park Pavilion.
St. Saviours Parish Meeting: Rate fixed at 1s. 6d.; the Constable. announces his decision to resign his Constableship.
June 26.
St. Helier's Branchage Visit
June 27
Fire at Bagot (Mr Ahier's blacksmith shop)
June 28
Jersey seaman named James Kelly disappears from ss. Aysgarth Force on voyage from St. Main to Southampton, supposed to have fallen overboard.
June 29
College terminal Service at Town Church.
June 30.
Inquest on Mr. J. E. Le Marquand of Grouville, who died on the 29th from injuries received the previous day by falling through trapdoor of hayloft: verdict: Accidental Death
"The Silhouettes" open concert season at Triangle Park.


L'Office du Jèrriais said...

The by-election for Deputy in Saint Clement was caused by the swearing-in (after an election wrangle that went to the Privy Council) of George Crill as Jurat in May 1913. We have a 1913 piece by GW de Carteret on the swearing-in (in the form of a sort of Parliament of Birds): http://members.societe-jersiaise.org/geraint/jerriais/elections_32.html

TonyTheProf said...

Excellent - thank you so much!