Thursday, 27 June 2013

Look A Like

Philip Bailhache, recently elected Prime Minister of Australia

Senator Sir Kevin Rudd, Member of the States of Jersey

Is it my imagination or does Kevin Rudd, Australian PM, look like Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, member of the States of Jersey?

According to the BBC, Kevin Rudd can easily be identified though because he is either "a psychopath with a giant ego" or a "political messiah capable of saving a divided and demoralised government from electoral doom?" and "a man of contradictions; reportedly prone to furious tantrums and indecisiveness in private, yet who is unremittingly casual and engaging in public."


James said...

Rudd and Bailhache are not similar.

Rudd knows how to apologise for historic wrongs (eg the Stolen Generations)...

TonyTheProf said...

James please could you email me so that I know you are a real person and not a troll. Thanks.