Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Dark Time

This Saturday poem is of a somewhat gloomy nature. As we approach Christmas, it can be anything but a time of cheer for some, and we can overlook that in all the excitement and glitter and bright lights... Don't let's forget that or them.

The Dark Time

It was the worst of days, so very grim;
Cold rain falling upon the Royal square;
Grey clouds overhead, the light so dim,
And judgement coming so very near.

Oh, to turn the clock back to happy days:
The statue gleaming gold in summer sun;
How much the burden of history weighs,
And such fickle web the fates have spun.

Despair left Pandora's box one fateful day,
Like a darkling sprite casting an evil spell,
Ensnaring all who lost, and err and stray;
And church clock strikes its fateful knell.

The storms will come, and who will cope?
But remember Pandora's promised hope.

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