Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Electionering? Yes Minister!

Only a few brief notes for today.
From the Diary of Jim Hacker
I have been pushing for Tourism to be a big election issue, but the trouble is that my new Tourism board has only just got into place, and I have a nasty feeling that by the time it is in place, it will be long after the next election.
And there could be some trouble with old members of staff having to re-apply for their old jobs, which may not be too good news so close to election time. So I have decided to go for Plan B.
Plan B is to push for Sunday Trading as much as I can, as deregulated as I can make it, because then this will be in place and in time for the election, and I can say "I have done something".
Will it work? I asked Sir Humphrey and he replied, "Oh yes, Minister"
News Flash: Open All Hours Closes
Shop keeper Arkright says "it is nnnot alright, because I've had to ppay out extra wages to our Granville". He complains that since all the big supermarkets have opened on Sunday, the names are numbered for the smaller corner shop, and for him, it will not be "Open All Hours" but "Closed for Good".
"The tttimes, they are a'changing," he said, as Nurse Gladys Emmanuel mopped his fevered brow.
The Jim Hacker Phrase Maker
Take one word from column A and one word from column B.
Use in speech about Sunday trading.


Really Radical


New Online




Tough Official


Embrace New

Trading Figures







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