Friday, 6 February 2015

Local Astronomy News

I'm giving a talk on meteorites, with a powerpoint presentation on Monday at 8 pm at Les Creux at the Jersey Astronomy Club. There will be sample meteorites on display to view, and tektites to hold. If you don't know what a tektite is, come along!

A map giving the location is on our website at:

The clubhouse is next to the dome.

Guernsey Astronomer Jean Dean has started a new Facebook group for the Channel Islands on Astrophotography.

Channel Islands Astrophotography Group

An informal group for Channel Islanders to show their astrophotography images and share their skills with members. Everyone is welcome to join from beginners to advanced, DSLR or CCD. Also a place to advertise your astronomy equipment as you upgrade, so hopefully it will be a good place for beginners to pick up good quality second hand equipment. 

Other Channel Island Facebook Groups

SAstroS (Sark Astronomy Society)

The Astronomical Society of the Channel Island of Guernsey

And of course our very own

Jersey Astronomy Club

Remember that our own website here also has a gallery, and welcomes any views of the night sky from the Channel Islands.

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