Saturday, 18 April 2015

Now What

A poetry challenge on the theme of "Now What?", this poem of mine is about endings, reflections on the past as we enter old age, and death.

Now What?

The sunset touch, the whisper of death
Speaking softly with darkling breath
Clouds drift across lives, and intersect
A time to act, and a time to reflect
Thunder groans, lightening flashing
The waves upon the rocks splashing
And children have long left the sand
Elderly couples walking hand in hand
As grains of time fall away, and down
Chimney smoke rising from the town
As dusk descents, shadow of night wings
And far out to sea, the siren sings
Fishermen fear the call, that last song
Wishing to be home where they belong
With fire blazing in hearth, blazing bright
Old gnarled hands kindle the candle light
Trees fall in the gale force, roofs creak
Hear the drip, drip of the water leak
The ship is wrecked, timbers breaking
Old limbs tire at the end of the making
The last word is spoken, and an end
Into the darkness alone, we descend
The unravelling of the Gordian knot
Into darkness, death - now what?

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