Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Changing Signs: What will it cost?

Ever get the feeling Sir Humphrey Appleby rewrites answers for Freedom of Information requests!


The DRAFT STATES OF JERSEY (TRANSFER OF FUNCTIONS No. 8) (MISCELLANEOUS TRANSFERS) (JERSEY) REGULATIONS 201 proposes that the following Ministries will change responsibilities and names:

1 Economic Development becomes Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture

2 Education, Sport and Culture becomes Education;

3 Planning and Environment becomes Environment

4 Transport and Technical Services becomes Infrastructure.

Please can I have details of what associated changes in naming will be required – such as letterheads, business cards, logo, website, emails, staff badges, vehicles, signage, and also the cost involved in these changes of names for each of these four Ministries detailed separately.


Departments were aware of the intended changes and have been preparing accordingly, and as a general principle it is intended that consumables such as business cards will be rebranded as existing stocks require replenishment, equipment, signage, staff badges etc. will be replaced at the end of their serviceable life.

My comments:

What does "servicable life" mean?

A correspondent of mine comments:

Serviceable should mean untill they fall down, but in CCspeak in means until someone decides that it needs changing which will be priority since signage badged with department name which will be deemed ‘unservicable’ as now fundamentally incorrect. TTS and P&E in particular have felt the need to badge a lot of their signage. I feel a spate of Ministerial decisions coming on! Another £1m frittered away.

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James said...

Last time I looked there were still PSD signs on Minden Place car park, which rather cuts the ground from under your argument!

Mind you, the simpler thing with the "Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture" department would be to brand it "Millwall" - after the London hoolig^D^D^ football club whose fans' favoured song goes:

No-one wants us,
no-one wants us,
no-one wants us,
we don't care