Saturday, 28 November 2015


Truth is two eyed, we might say:
As the captain sails across the bay;
Both eyes bright, she's all right;
One eye winks, down she sinks:
The saying told to Father Brown,
About those who would drown,
If they did not see coast lights;
And sailors needing final rites:
The ship is smashing on the rock,
And come the ravens in a flock;
I thought of this and eyes today:
How the eyes show us the way;
Truth is two eyed, a book I read,
The author, now alas, is dead,
Spoke of how religions meet,
East and West, a different beat;
Each could learn from other one:
Moon by night, by day the sun,
Leaving hatreds, leaving fear,
Truth is two eyed, vision clear;
Losing an eye, another case,
Not to see clearly over space,
Learn to live a different way;
Thankful for one eye, we pray,
Though we stumble, do not fall,
And our vision may be small;
For we can still see: a grace,
To recognise the loving face;
But when someone is very blind,
Needing other help to be kind,
Other senses come into play,
To help them along the way;
Touch, smell, taste and sound
Help them on their daily round;
And it was said of that Greek sage,
Who lived to an immortal age,
While his eyes had lost the light,
He still retained a second sight.

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