Saturday, 11 June 2016

Trick of the Mind

This poem was prompted by some curious events last night when I appeared to be followed for some time by three motorbikes on the way home, despite taking various odd turnings to shake them off, more than are mentioned in the poem. It is a poem about how the mind plays tricks... or does it?

Trick of the Mind

I remember the truck, dark with menace
Following Dennis Weaver in movie Duel
Bouncing back and forth, sinister tennis
Fear of the unknown, strange and cruel

I was followed last night by motorbike
Three in number, and I stop, they stop
I turn odd ways, they follow, I don’t like
Is this a game with me on the hop?

Into the supermarket car park and out
Surely this will lose them,of this I’m sure
Across the road opposite, wait, no doubt
And as I leave, they follow back on tour

Coincidence or deliberate: being unkind?
Cat and mouse, or fear’s tricks with mind

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