Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Ian Gorst Portfolio of Expressions

By way of something light-hearted, do you notice how newspapers always manage to find an appropriate expression for the story.

I thought I'd look at several well-known politicians in this occasional series and look at the wide range of expressions displayed to the general public. Some look moody, fierce, happy, joyful, and indeed the whole gamut of emotions are often present. I'm starting with Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

An official occasion, looking slightly stressed.

Suit flapping in the breeze, looks as if he is facing up to bracing winds of change.

Jaw firmed up, making a strong point against critics.

The Statesman: Speaking from London

Election Night Joy!

Determined! Note that slight firming of jaw and mouth.

A press briefing, looking relaxed.

A rare and nice moment of informality and relaxation.

Question and Answers: Fighting Talk

A grip on reigns of power, or hanging on for grim death?

The Gorst Jaw: On the Defensive Again

Speaking just as the balloon went up

Standing for Senator: Serious and Youthful look

Arms folded, jaw thrust out. On guard!

A slightly worried expression. Furrowed brow.

Looking rather angry. Look at eyes and jaw.

A curious pose for an art magazine

A nice cheerful Chief Minister!

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