Saturday, 8 April 2017

Palm Sunday in the Tropics

Sunday is Palm Sunday, and I wanted to get a contrast between the more hedonistic aspects of modern Western lifestyle, and the way in which the threat of a darkening and threatening world is getting closer.

This contrast between the light and approaching dark is also something present in the Palm Sunday story, hence the setting of the holiday destination and feast approaching on an island with Palm trees: one story has echoes in the other.

Palm Sunday in the Tropics

Palm trees: a tropical island
The feast approaches near
Enjoy the sun, sea and sand
A time for life, a time for cheer

Holiday, a time to get away
A moment just without care
No worry, no concerns today
The tropical lagoon so fair

Storm clouds are but distant
But their shadows come near
Sky darkens, rain persistent
Now comes the time of fear

Palm Sunday: rejoice in sunlight
Before the coming of the night

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