Monday, 15 October 2018

Jersey Lifeboat Association: An Update

No big fanfare, although it may be announced before this goes to press on Monday, but the JLA have become members of the Association of Jersey Charities. A report in the JEP on September 17, 2018 noted in passing:

"Association officers also approved three new members at their last quarterly meeting, these included Samaj Ltd, the Jersey Lifeboat Association and Quennevais Evangelical Church."

To my mind, this is more significant that taking a boat out for a spin in St Aubin's Bay, as it shows the firm groundwork behind the scenes is progressing. As the AJC site says:

"membership of the Association still requires higher standards than the minimum requirements of local law, but brings with it the advantages of membership, including easier access to grant funding, and recognition of high standards."

But better and more transparent engagement with the public is still needed.

Back in June 2018, John Baker, Fundraising Manager, The Jersey Lifeboat Association, told me:

"We have plans to put a fundraising thermometer on the web page and also some exciting plans to extend our membership program. A lot of our plans are based on actually getting the Max Aitken III and the crew and backup facilities into service. Considering we first started the JLA charity in February this year I think we have done pretty well, in fact, we have raised over £30,000 so far but now we have the boat we think that donors will be happier to donate to our cause now that they can see something substantial happening. I think to get the boat over here in less than 4 months is quite an achievement for a group of unpaid volunteers"

"We have in fact made a number of substantial payments on the boat but we do need to raise more substantial funds initially not only to complete the purchase but also to fit out the crew and to put more up to date equipment on the boat ."

That thermometer which was promised is still sadly missing from the JLA site, and it would provide a firm way of seeing how far they are approaching their goals in terms of funding, and how much extra support they need from the general public.

A thermometer is well known in fund raising as a helpful way to keep everybody motivated towards a common goal. Instead of saying ‘we have another £70,000 to raise before we can purchase the boat, a picture not only speak a thousand words, but improves motivation, and provides a degree of transparency.

So come on, Mr Baker, please fulfill your plans!

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