Thursday, 7 May 2009

Amos minutes, May 09 2009

Minutes of  meeting on Wed. May 6th at 5.15 at  Pastoral Centre, St. Thomas .
Present: Adrian Walton, Adrian Pearce, Barbara Coram, Claire White, Christine Le Marquand, Ed Le Quesne

1.   Opening prayer "Open our eyes' by Alan Paton from Housing Justice

2.   Deputy Sean Power, assistant Housing Minister, did not arrive, reasons unknown

3.    ELeQ has received a copy of the Inspector's report on the Waterfront plan.  It was the first public inquiry in Jersey.  It was recommended that in future they are not held in school holidays and have more notice for the public.  Though the inspectors approved the plans with some requirements for firm planning conditions. However it didn't address the question of whether we actually needed it and in the present climate it is unlikely to go ahead.  AW now has the report to look at.

4.  ELeQ has had 10 copies of the Eco-active guide  'Turning Point' .from Louise Magris.  Some people took a copy.   It has about 100 pages of factual information.  It is looking forward to an energy policy being published. £1.5 m is being invested in energy-saving measures for over 60's.   A report by the tidal power strategy group is due  to be published soon. Eco-active is spreading to more businesses.

5 . We looked through the proposed review of the licensing law.  Quite far-ranging changes are proposed to nudge people to change their behaviour by making alcohol less freely available and clarifying the law to have 2 rather than 7 licence categories.  A copy of the report is available for anyone who wants a look.  ELeQ will prepare some comments before the 1st June deadline.

6.  The States Strategic plan requires a response by 21st May.  It was described as 'motherhood and apple pie'  and does lack an emphasis on environmental matters   ELeQ hopes to read it carefully before the deadline.

7.  ELeQ said that the Scrutiny panel on Income Support should publish their report in about a month's time.  The health aspects have been poorly planned and implemented and the personal contact has been lost.

8.  ELeQ explained some of the background to Christian Aid's campaign about tax in the light of recent controversy   A booklet, 'The big tax return'. has been produced by Christian Aid, which shows Jersey is not the target but it is Uk, EU and big accountancy firms.  Openness and transparency is one important principle and country by country reporting of company profits is another.

.9.   Dates of future Amos meetings  Wed  June 3rd, July 1st both at our new time of 5.15.  

10.  The Grace was said  at about  6.30

Ed Le Quesne   6 /  5 /  09

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