Friday, 22 May 2009

Chips with Everything?

Rod was on BBC Radio Jersey today, saying how Geoff Southern and Shona Pitman should resign, so he could have a chance to get elected. The Attorney-General, very sensibly, noticed that if you discounted the votes concerned, they would still have romped home. Rod was saying on Radio Jersey in measured tones that "some people may say I have a chip on my shoulder",
which he fervently denied. What he didn't use were some of the phrases on his blog. These are some of the gems found

"Such acts are usually only found in a Banana Republic."
"Their deliberate skullduggery is more akin to Robert Mugabe and his cohorts."
"The Electorate was duped by a couple of people lacking honesty and ethics. These are the acts of desperate people."
"Political skullduggery of the highest order"

A chip on his shoulder? More like an entire sack full of spuds!

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Dave Rotherham said...

Somehow, I don't think Rod Bryans would have got Geoff's and Shona's votes, if they had not been in the election, anyway. He seems to stand for somewhat different values in general.