Monday, 22 June 2009

Blastgate on Monday

Blast: Too early for inquiry: After the revelation in Jersey about Operation Blast - a covert police operation to create files on all States members - one Deputy says he won't be backing calls for a Committee of Inquiry.
Deputy Sean Power says States members should wait until Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has made his own inquiries into who set up Operation Blast and why. Deputy Power says he's confident Senator Le Marquand will deal with the issue. He also says he has absolute confidence in acting police chief David Warcup and in Data Protection Commissioner Emma Martins.

I heard Emma Martins on the Radio, and vague would be too kind a word. Unlike the former UK Special Branch officer, or Adrian Lee, the BBC's expert professor from Portsmouth University (who is always very clear), she was a model of dither. She could at least have spelt out what was needed for the police to comply with Data Protection - written authorisation from a senior officer for this kind of thing, which was made clear by Adrian Lee.
This morning the BBC mentioned they were still asking David Warcup for a comment - and would keep asking - and he was still keeping quite on the matter. The only one I'd have confidence in is Ian Le Marquand, who after all, blew the gaff on the story.

But what Deputy Power may do is another matter. As he has consistently voted in the new States 100% of the time the same way as Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur, will he change his mind suddenly and remarkably if Terry decides in favour of a committee of inquiry?


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