Monday, 29 June 2009

If only we could see it!

Hansard on the 14th June 2009, had the following amusing exchange on the questions without notice.

Deputy J.M. Maçon of St. Saviour asked "Why, in the Council of Ministers' Part A minutes, dated 7th May 2009, did the Council of Ministers need to agree that Ministers should make every effort to be present in the States Chamber during meetings of the States?"

Senator T.A. Le Sueur (The Chief Minister):" Because I believe it is important that Ministers set a good example..."

On looking round the Chamber, Deputy J.M. Maçon then asked: "On a supplementary point, where are the Ministers today and what example are they setting for other Members?"  [Approbation]

Clearly there were no Ministers present, and they had all wondered off for a chat, coffee, smoke etc!

Senator T.A. Le Sueur, wrong-footed, tried to regain the high ground: "I said the business which we consider to be particularly relevant to their particular areas of expertise.  This question period is questions for me and it is important that I be here.  It is perhaps more important that they deal with other matters at this stage so that they can be here later on in other sessions."

But alas, at this point there were less than the required quorum of 24 elected members, as the rest had all left. So the the Deputy Bailiff had to stop the proceedings until one member returned. The various Ministers were still out of the Chamber, perhaps preferring the point scoring of Wimbledon to scoring points in the States: "Chief Minister, I am afraid I am going to have to interrupt you.  Apparently we are not quorate.  [Laughter]  We are just quorate now, yes.  Had you finished your answer, Chief Minister?"

Senator T.A. Le Sueur tried to get more high ground back with the well known technique of spreading the blame: "I think I finished, except maybe to point out it is not just Ministers who are not present at the time."

Then Deputy S. Pitman started to speak: "As Members are aware, I recently made a complaint about the Minister for Social Security not getting back to me with questions regarding ."

The Deputy Bailiff: "One moment, we are not . somebody has just left and so we are not quorate."

Deputy J.M. Maçon: "Where are the Ministers?"

If only one could see the empty spaces, like in the UK Televised Parliament! What a wonderful example all the Ministers made! Well done to Jeremy Maçon, for putting Terry Le Sueur on the spot in such an amusing way! Just to name and blame. These are the Ministers:

 Economic Development  - Alan John Henry Maclean
 Education, Sport and Culture - James Gordon Reed
 Home Affairs  - Bryan Ian Le Marquand
 Health and Social Services - Anne Enid Pryke
 Housing - Terence John Le Main
 Planning and Environment - Frederick Ellyer Cohen
 Social Security - Ian Joseph Gorst
 Transport and Technical Services - Michael Keith Jackson
 Treasury and Resources - Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf

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Anonymous said...

Good lad, I wish I could have seen TLeS face with the supplement question, absolute classic well done Jeremy lol Carrie