Thursday, 16 July 2009

Esplanade Development Halted

Deputy Philip Rondel's proposition has effectively halted the Waterfront development. This was "to agree that the development of the proposed Esplanade Quarter and other areas of the St. Helier Waterfront (including the sinking of the Route de la Libération) should be deferred until there is a significant improvement in the economic situation in Jersey, with clear indicators of economic growth, and to request the Chief Minister, in accordance with Article 22(a) of the Articles of Association of the Waterfront Enterprise Board Limited, to give directions to this effect to that company."

There were interesting votes:

Three people abstained:
Senator Terence Augustine Le Sueur
Connétable Daniel Joseph Murphy
Connétable John Martin Refault

The Council of Ministers and Assistant Ministers  were all for it apart from the maverick vote of Terry Le Main:

These were for (Pour) the proposition:
Senator Paul Francis Routier
Senator Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf
Senator Alan John Henry Maclean
Senator Bryan Ian Le Marquand
Connétable Michael Keith Jackson
Deputy James Gordon Reed
Deputy Ian Joseph Gorst

Assistant Ministers
Deputy Jacqueline Ann Hilton
Deputy John Alexander Nicholas Le Fondré
Deputy Sean Power

and these against (contre):
Senator Terence John Le Main

Freddy Cohen "declared an interest" and thereby fudged his own response. As he has as far as one is aware no commercial interest in the Waterfront, one can only assume he means departmental interest, which would not strictly speaking necessitate pulling out of the vote - after all, he didn't do that when he brought the Masterplan to the States in the first place. Why not simply abstain?

The non-council members were pretty unanimous in support - For (pour) votes by:
Senator Alan Breckon
Senator Sarah Craig Ferguson
Deputy Robert Charles Duhamel
Deputy Frederick John Hill, B.E.M.
Deputy Roy George Le Hérissier
Deputy John Benjamin Fox
Deputy Judith Ann Martin
Deputy Geoffrey Peter Southern
Deputy Collin Hedley Egré
Deputy Kevin Charles Lewis
Deputy Philip John Rondel
Deputy Montfort Tadier
Deputy Angela Elizabeth Jeune
Deputy Daniel John Arabin Wimberley
Deputy Trevor Mark Pitman
Deputy Anne Teresa Dupre
Deputy Tracey Anne Vallois
Deputy Michael Roderick Higgins
Deputy Andrew Kenneth Francis Green M.B.E.
Deputy Jeremy Martin Maçon

Against (for some strange reason!):
Deputy Paul Vincent Francis Le Claire

With the Constables, reactions were mixed but mostly supportive with two abstentions (as listed above).

Connétable Alan Simon Crowcroft
Connétable John Le Sueur Gallichan
Connétable Michael Keith Jackson
Connétable Silvanus Arthur Yates
Connétable Graeme Frank Butcher
Connétable Peter Frederick Maurice Hanning
Connétable Deidre Wendy Mezbourian
Connétable Juliette Gallichan

Connétable Kenneth Priaulx Vibert
Connétable Leonard Norman

Finally, the following were ill:
Senator Stuart Syvret
Senator Ben Edward Shenton
Deputy Carolyn Fiona Labey

and these not present:
Senator James Leslie Perchard
Deputy Edward James Noel
Deputy Anne Enid Pryke
Deputy Shona Pitman
Deputy Deborah Jane De Sousa (excused attendance)

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