Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Speed Limits Review

There is an online review of local Jersey speed limits, which is very short, but also allows comments, and very quick to complete at:  

I've put the following comments on speed limits:

The speed limit policy does not seem to be applied with any consistency. For example, St Brelade's Bay is 20 mph, but the road at the back of St Brelade's Church is - in principle - 40 mph. Even La Marquanderie Hill, which is a narrow road, is 40 mph.

If speed limits are intended to curtail accidents, this kind of inconsistency makes no sense.

And some areas in St Brelade's - e.g. the road to Noirmont from Woodbine Corner are set at 30 mph, while the road along La Rue des Champs, which goes past a large housing estate, and is narrower, is set at 40 mph (or rather has no limits).

The one improvement, and it is a significant one, is the introduction of time related speed signals by schools, which is a clever way of accommodating the motorist out of school hours, but bringing safety to a school environment.
The "happy faces" I have also found to be an excellent prompt to cut speed.

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