Monday, 24 August 2009

Pyramid Power

In rush hour traffic on Friday I noticed the car in front had something like "A to P Pyramid Limited".
It had a telephone number, an email address, and a web page. But the side of the car was blank, and there was nothing to say what this company did! What a wonderful way to advertise! I suppose some marketing person had said "You really need your business details there", and that is just what he put. No more, no less.
But it got me thinking. What sort of business could "A to P Pyramids Limited" be?
Perhaps he specialises in a new Egyptian style of Housing, and we will soon see some iconic pyramids appearing around the Island. It would certainly make a change from concrete and glass, or the art deco that has become fashionable again.
If tourism revived, there could even be a guest house called "Pyramid Towers", where the proprietor Basil Pharaoh would be assisted by his soothsaying Sybil.
Or, on a more morbid note, maybe he hopes to break into a new line with tombs. Be buried in style! Alongside the rows of crosses and gravestones, there will now be the odd miniature pyramid. The top of the range would be the "luxury pyramid", complete with Sphinx and hand carved riddle. Maybe Jersey millionaires will be lining up to invest in them. You can take it with you!
I know where the business must be run from.
In the North of Jersey, there is a coastal area known as Egypt.
What better place to run A to P Pyramids Limited, Purveyors to Pharaohs, Established 5th Dynasty, 5000 BC!

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