Sunday, 20 September 2009

Autumn Days

Autumn Days
Blackberry picking at Noirmont common
Children move from bush to bush, upon
Each outstretch bramble, the ripened fruit
Waiting for picking on rambling route.
Leaves turning brown, and golden hues
St Catherine's woods has lovely views
Time to walk amongst the fallen leaves
The waning sun still warmth achieves.
Pine cones fall on the Railway walk
Where we stroll slowly, time to talk
The trains long gone, rambler's delight
The winding path to lighthouse sight.
Acorns falling from oaks by the school
Holidays ending, as the days grow cool
Squirrels storing nuts away in a nook
Glimpse of red, if now you look.
Maize is ripening, fields are ready
Harvest time has come already
Farmers working out all day
With cider later, lest they stray.
The year grows old in Autumn days
Bonfires of leaves, and harvest praise
Drink cider made at Hamptonne farm
Eat cabbage loaf, enjoy its charm.
(from Jersey Wonders, 2004)