Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hidden Fame

Did you know that
Ronnie Barker wrote "Tendency to Corrupt: A Novel"
Alan Bennett wrote "Outlook for the Small Business"
Billy Graham wrote "Smoke Abatement in Manchester"
Benny Hill wrote "The Moral Responsibility of Civil Rulers"
They didn't really, of course, it was authors with the same names as the celebrities! With that in mind, I did a survey and managed to glean a few surprising local names:
Pop star Michael Jackson, of course, did not die, but retired to relative obscurity as the Constable of St Brelade. He may stage a come-back at Jersey Live! Watch out!
Relaxing in his spare time, our former Chief Minister, Frank Walker, appears to have penned the scholarly work "Annals of Opera, 1597-1940"!
His wife, Fiona Walker, former BBC Radio Jersey Presenter, went more down to earth writing books like "Kiss Chase" and "French Relations", described as "a sizzling summer read of love, sex, passion and soaring temperatures." Lucky Frank!
Alan Maclean, the Economic Development Minister, wrote an autobiography called "No, I Tell a Lie, it Was the Tuesday: A Trudge Round the Life and Times of Alan MacLean" in which he details his exploits before becoming a politician as "a film extra, a wartime soldier, a temporary post-war diplomat and a publisher." Be prepared for carefully staged press conferences in which he fires off his latest strategy!
Geoff Southern, meanwhile, is the secret author of the rather managerial work "Strategic Marketing Management: A Process Based Approach".
His fellow member of the JDA, Trevor Pitman, is an alumni of Magdalen College Oxford, and served as their soccer club secretary and Commemoration Ball secretary. He also briefly served as a Conservative Councillor in the London Borough of Southward between 1987 and 1990. So much for the working class!
The Education Minister, James Reed, published a slim volume of "Border Ballads" in which he looks at the singing down the centuries "of strange and melancholy tales of love and hate and longing, of thieving and killing, of jealousy, incest, witchcraft and revenge". When will this be on the curriculum in local schools, I wonder?
Lastly, for music lovers with long memories, our Lieutenant Governor, Sir Andrew Ridgeway, was once a teen idol for many, when with George Michael, he founded the pop group WHAM!, and had a hit song with "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". I'd love to see him singing that at the next garden party at Government House!

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Rob Kent said...

Michael Jackson is also a TV exec who used to be controller at BBC 1 and BBC 2. The headlines used to confuse me when the other one was still alive.

Think you'll find that the guy from Wham! was called Andrew Ridgeley.

Terry le Swear (wrong spelling) was a cartoon character in Viz during the late eighties who got so angry he couldn't swear properly and his obscenities were interpreted as reasonable comment. No relation of course.