Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Year in Suspension

It is now a year since Graham Power was suspended as Chief of Police for the Jersey Police Force. Since that time, there has been little or no movement on this matter, almost as if it is intended to simply suspend him until his contract expires next year, and he will be let go by default.

These matters are of concern.

Reviews: Although the suspension is supposed to be reviewed every month, there are no public announcements on what is happening, how the review is conducted, and how it is moving forward.

Secrecy: There are no changes in place to alter the States policy of sitting "in camera" when debating this issue, although the States of Jersey is about the only government in the world which indulges in this practice. Elsewhere, if questions are raised (as for example in the House of Commons), no one would conceive of emptying the public gallery. The fact that Jersey is a small jurisdiction means that it can do this, but Guernsey - while it could potentially also do so - has never done it - I've checked. It is about time that the laws were changed. 


voiceforchildren said...


Team Voice have obtained the transcript of Chief Officer Power's Judicial Review at the Royal Court.

We hope to publish a Blog in the next few days that will hopefully answer a few questions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.
'In camera' debates should not be happening as they can be rightly be considered suspicious.

Jill Gracia said...

Well done Team Voice and we look forward to a little more insight into this appalling state of affairs, because there certainly ARE more questions than answers at present.