Sunday, 10 July 2011

Time to Live

This was inspired by what a friend's Facebook wall entries the other day...

Time To Live
Along the paved streets of old London town
I see so many people struggling, pulled down
And on the bus, blankly looking for a destination
Passing brick houses, slums full of such negation
And shops through which flits the weary buyer
Worn down by life, and looking ready to retire
Sad faces, so many regrets, unhappiness and pace
This modern world shuts out all life, and grace
And like the walking dead, they shuffle on their way
Of only motion, only habit, time before decay
Feelings stifled in fear, in pain, in a silent scream
Because there is nothing here left, nothing to dream
I watch, a pale shadow, a ghost of joys gone by
Wish I could tell them to seek truth, not live a lie
And find that there is still time to live, to be free
In dying to self, rebirth, embrace life, let it be.

1 comment:

Ian Evans said...

A very profound posting Tony, and wholly understood by myself.

The 21st Dec 2012 might just be a huge blessing in disguise!
The Dark Rift, and all it's drear consequences, for we deserve nothing less than we receive.

To finish - A little oriental philosophy from our mutual friend, Master Po....

"A breath of life moves through a deathless valley of mysterious motherhood, which concieves and bears the universal seed, seeming of a world never to end. Breath for men to draw from as they will. And the more they take of it the more remains."