Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Starry Messengers

A poem for Epiphany and wise men who study the stars...

The Starry Messengers
Look for the stars, night shining, the fabric of creation
O behold, look at the signs, the portents of every nation
Listen and hear, stars approach and draw near
A conjunction of glad adoration.
Seek the pattern, that over all things so wondrously reigns
The spheres turning, in synchronicity so softly sustains!
Here wisdom has been, we travel to where it is seen
Unfolding what now fate ordains
Look for the stars, night shining, wondrous pattern now see
Promise above, now falling to earth, unfolding to be
Not yet tears of grief, but a sign for belief
And a mercy that will set you free
Seek the pattern, when tempests their warfare are waging,
And nation fights nation, and all about death is raging
That this may cease, and stars portent peace
And friendships once more be engaging
Look for the stars, in the darkness of storm clouds abounding
Words of power open the curtain of night so confounding
Let there be light, away the darkness of night
Stars shine with moonlight surrounding.

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