Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Tower

The Tower

Babel reaching to the stars is struck
By lightening, a symbol of bad luck
The tower falling down by night
Figures leap to death in sight
This is the ruin of the House of We
Ourselves in arrogance cannot be
Because upon this building’s form
Is mind consumed in firestorm
The man is falling to lonely death
And cries in agony, in dying breath
The woman falling silent, alone
Plummets downwards like cold stone
Separation here does fall apart
Tower falling, breaking heart.


alane said...

Sort of phallic, too.

Nick Palmer said...

"By lightening"

We spell it lightning where I come from...

TonyTheProf said...

Usually that is so, but historically not always, e.g.:
in Transactions Amererican Philosophy Society (1793): "After a lightening rod has been erected."

Etymology: Special use of lightening - now differentiated in spelling.

Nick Palmer said...

Ah yes, the 18th century before our modern educational system was established.