Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blue Moon

For information about the five meanings of a "blue moon", see my historical posting here. The next "Blue moon" is 31 August, according to one definition.


Blue Moon

There is a tide in life and death:
Currents flow with passing breath;
Waves break upon the sands of time,
The spray flies upwards, so sublime;
The blue moon has come this night:
Gravity's rainbow, subtle, slight;
In increments, it changes motion,
Slow builds the wave, a cumulation
Of time and change, a tidal flow.
Now gently lit, the flaming glow
Of blue candle, marked with iron
To harness flow, and thereby govern
The breaking crest of time this night;
Drawn down upon this candlelight,
An archetype is born this way,
That Selene may come to stay;
Moon beams fall upon the earth:
Flowing down, here is rebirth.

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