Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Roger Bara Retires

Roger Bara is calling it a day, and retiring from broadcasting on BBC Radio Jersey. I really really enjoyed listening to him over the years. Did he really have three different styles of introduction to politicians he interviewed? Examples that I noted over the years:

"And morning to Deputy X" - I'm going to give you a grilling.
"And good morning to Deputy Y" - I'm going to give you a light grilling
"And a very good morning to Deputy Z" - I'm going to treat you with kid gloves!

Seriously, he will be sadly missed. My favourite memory. When he was down at the Old Court House early morning, interviewing John Nettles. I drove past in the dark on the way to work early that morning to catch a glimpse, and there he was - playing a pre-recorded interview which he'd done - Blue Peter style - earlier, the previous day! The magical illusions that radio can provide!

Here are a few snippets from blog comments I made on Mr Bara, plus two spoof news items from my weekly satirical blog magazine "News from Nowhere":

Roger Bara on Jersey Telecoms

When Bob Lawrence, the MD of Jersey Telecoms, was greeted by "Morning to you", on BBC Radio Jersey, I knew there were some tough and aggressive questions to answer. Usually Mr Bara begins with "Good morning to you", or even "A very good morning to you".

Roger Bara morphs into Jeremy Paxman

I was amazed to hear Roger Bara on BBC Radio Jersey this morning giving Senator Philip Ozouf a sharp inquisition. It was a Jeremy Paxman style questioning - polite, but extremely persistent.

The good Senator thought he was being interviewed about the States economic measures, and also on States spending. He took refuge in one of his favourite words "efficiency", and Bara pressed him to say whether or not "efficiency" would mean job losses in the States, which is fair comment.

and from "News from Nowhere":

BBC Radio Malaisey: The Very Good Morning Show
with Robert Beardie, from 6.00-9.00 am
Robert Beardie (a bearded presenter from the Isle of Bara):
A very good morning to you on this white snowy day. I've heard that the schools are closed again. In my day, we would make a hundred mile walk to school through treacherous icy conditions, and part of growing up as a schoolboy was facing adversity and struggling through snow drifts.
Admittedly, half the children were never seen again, or got frozen in until the Spring thawed them out, but we had fun! Back in the good old days, when the flag was still flying over the Empire, and King George was on the throne, we would have snow ball fights in the school playground, and the teachers would parachute into school, because most of them were ex-army, and knew that life was tough.
We just had to grit our teeth and walk, because there were no gritting lorries in those days. Today's children miss out on all that. They have no fun at all. We had snow fun!

BBC Radio Malaisey: A Very Good Morning, with Ian Oldhack

Ian Oldhack: With me to discuss police complaints in Malaisey is Senator Ivor Kleen, Minister for Home Affairs. A very good morning to you, Senator.

Ivor Kleen: Good morning, Ian

Ian Oldhack: Minister, I understand that Desmond Hiccup, the Active Chief Officer is not subject to Malaisey's Police Complaints Authority.

Ivor Kleen: That's right

Ian Oldhack: So if he does something wrong, no one can complain about him.

Ivor Kleen: Well, Ian, you can always submit a written complaint to the North Umbridge Police Complaints Authority, if you take umbridge about him or his fellow officers from "Up North". Send stamped address letters to Last of the Summer Whiners, New Tricks, c/ o Superintendent Mullet, Department of Fishy Matters, Letsbe Avenue, Denton.

Ian Oldhack: And will that do any good?

Ivor Kleen: Well, it will help the Post Office become more profitable, anyway.


Dave Cabeldu said...

Very incisive Tony - do you ever sleep?

Anonymous said...

Is this Roger Bara the same Roger Bara who played keyboards in Bonnie Tyler Band in 1976-77 ?