Saturday, 6 October 2012


Earlier this week, Carrie Cooper announced on BBC Radio Jersey: ""We're looking for original poets from Jersey to be part of National Poetry Day tomorrow. Live reads in the studio or on the phone, or Sara Palmer will read them beautifully. Contact Carrie &/or Sara on 837 260 today or call 720 255 tomorrow from 10am."

I couldn't read it, because I was at work, but I penned this the night before. I hope their listeners liked it.

Fast sweeps the wind, leaves start falling on the land
The holiday makers packed up, departed now the sand
Puddles form in rutted road, last branchage of the lane
This is the time of change, of soft refreshing rain.
With tidal swell arising, brave fishing boats go far
Sailing the tempestuous sea beneath the evening star
The darkening mornings portent to be a time of dread
And poor harvests this year threaten daily bread
But warm soups, cheerful fires, make life still so good
These are the joys of autumn, of walking through a wood
Gold leaves underfoot, nature painting with her arts
Time for the Cider Fayre, rejoice with thankful hearts
The time has come for autumn days, to sing a harvest song
Keep inside by fireside, while outside wind blows strong.

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