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Jersey Live Magazine, October 2012

The October 2012 edition of Jersey Live has an article by me!

My friend Linda asked me to interview her and write about her for the forthcoming  Conference on Holistic Animal Health Care, which is taking place over the weekend of 20th/21st October 2012 at Communicare Centre, La Route des Quennevais, St Brelade.

Tickets are available for the entire event or separate modules as follows:
Conference (Saturday 10.00am-5.00pm) - Only £20.00
Buffet (Saturday 07.30pm onwards) - Only  £ 20.00
Workshop/Practical Session (Sunday 09.30am-4.30pm)  -   £ 60.00

Full details at:

Here's the article I wrote:

From an early age, Linda was aware that she had  an ability to help the healing process with people, and around 2006, she decided to join the Universal Healing Group in Jersey, and pursued a two year course of study in training as a healer. Having always had an affinity with animals, she decided to pursue a course in Animal Healing in the UK with Asentia College of Animal Healing, which culminated in her successful graduation in June 2012.

What is animal healing? Linda sees it as helping restore homeostasis - the animal's natural physiological/emotional balance, and immune system, which can go out of kilter. Animal healing can help animals both before an operation, and after with the recovery process. She can also provide support for the owner of a much loved pet if it needs to be put to sleep by a vet, and bereavement counseling for people who are grieving over the loss of their pet. She can also help with animal's behavioural problems, and to ease their discomfort when they are in distress or pain.

Case studies have been documented which show that animal healing can have beneficial effects. One involved a local farm cat who developed arthritis in her hips, and because of the lack of mobility, became overweight, at 7.7 kgs. She was on a balanced veterinary diet for over a year but with no improvement in her weight, but over nine months of animal healing by Linda and acupuncture by a vet, consistently shed weight and is now almost at her ideal weight of 6.4kgs. There may be no direct causal link provable, but accumulations of case studies like these, show that animal healing is beneficial, even if we do not fully understand the mechanisms involved.

Linda aims to continue working alongside vets with their permission; also to talk about benefits of complementary therapies to help animals. This conference is about bringing people together and promoting animal welfare and to encourage research into complementary therapies.

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