Saturday, 17 November 2012

Walking on Water

Something more metaphysical for a poem this Saturday, a poem which deliberately is written to have many different meanings to the reader, and which was prompted, of all things, by a warning light coming on my car, which has since been fixed (I hope). The garage mechanic said I needed to have it looked at, but could safely drive there with it on. Which is itself a bit like walking on water, the story of Peter from the Gospel of Matthew, who steps out, but later sinks. As a fantastic tale, it makes little scientific sense, but as an existential parable, it is a very powerful story, about leaving comfort zones behind, but needing a helping hand to get us through.

Walking on Water
I step out, with the abyss below
Water beneath me, no solid land
Will I sink, through waves to go?
Reaching out for helping hand
Heraclitus talked of rivers flow
To step out, and be swept away
Nothing is still, as currents flow
Hold my hand, along the way
The storm is rising, sea in rage
I step out from the boat, let go
Path of wisdom says the mage
Hold my hand, together know
Love holds hands in beating heart
And walking on water is this art

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