Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Eyewitness

This is a poem about the pub "The Goose in St Peter", Jersey which I wrote after reading this story.

"When Paul Patterson heard of a string of complaints that The Goose was turning away visually impaired people and their guide dogs, he paid a visit to see if that was really the case. He said: "I experienced the same thing myself. And it makes the people with a disability feel extremely hurt. I didn't realise how hurt I'd feel. I knew there was an issue. It did make me take a few steps back." "We would like to just not have this situation where people can suddenly have the carpet pulled from beneath them. And I go back to my own experience last Sunday and I felt really really hurt by it and I didn't think I would." One of the other people told they're not welcome at The Goose with their guide dog is still traumatised and profoundly upset by what happened, and still too shaken to appear on camera to share their story."

You can see the full report by Gary Burgess on CTV at

Here is the poem...

The Eyewitness
I opened the door, and stepped inside
And heard the merry sounds of cheer
And my faithful dog came along beside
It was a thirsty day, and time for beer
But the bar manager told me, "Go away"
"You are not welcome here, with a dog"
"We take no dogs here in case they stray"
"Go, and seek elsewhere for your grog"
I was turned away, and shown the door
Even though I could not see, being blind
It was in vain that I plead and implore
I was told to go; it hurt me, it was unkind
The bar manager was uncaring, did not mind
And of the two of us, who was truly blind?

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